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​[[[ LA DOLCE VITA ]]]

LA DOLCE VITA is a short animation produced by [P]Art Collective (Neda Moridpour+ Pouya Afshar.) It is about Hope, a displaced character who leave their war infested home city in hope of a better life and future. The animation depicts their journey of migrating and relocating into an abandoned city that had once been an amusement park. They need to adapt to their new habitat, finding a purpose in life within this Coney Island-esque setup, fighting to maintain their personality and their characteristics. At the end, they face a wall, a dead end. 

News & Awards


LADOLCEVITA part collective


Buffalo International Film Festival(BFF), Official Selection

Mente Locale Visioni sul Territorio, Official Selection

Burbank International Film Festival, Semi Finalist

Goa Short Film Festival, Official Selection

Sciacca Film Festival, Official Selection

HECare Film Festival, Official Selection

Rassam International Short Film Festival, Official Selection

Pune Short Film Festival, Official Selection

SENSUS Film Festival, Official Selection


Moscow Shorts-International Short Film Festival, Official Selection

Mimo Milano Mobile Film Festival, Official Selection

Umana Solidarietà International Film Festival, Official Selection


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