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[[[ Agha Nasrin ]]]
آقا نسرین ۷۴ خسته


Agha-Nasrin (آقا نسرین) also known as Nasreen Davoodi, Mr.Nasreen (Agha Nasreen) or Haaj Davood is a taxi driver in Tehran. She started driving a cab eight years ago and has continued to do so all these years despite all sorts of complications in a country such as Iran. She has a very unique character and what drives her to be patient with the crazy traffic of Tehran is her family and their comfort. This film is just a glimpse of what she deals with everyday and the difficulties of her job. Made by Neda Moridpour and Pouya Afshar with the help of Amir Hajreza Tehrani and Sarah Moridpour on a very hot summer day in 2011.



Harvard University, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, 2014

Voice Of America News Chanel, 2013



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